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NEW! AMMO of Mig Jimenez M051 Panzer Aces issue 51 Special Winter Camoflages

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GamintojasAMMO of Mig Jimenez
Produkto kodasAMM-M051
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Here is the new issue of Panzer Aces magazine. 96 pages. Issue 51 is focus on Winter Camouflages including:

- Cruiser Tank A-30 Challenger, scale 1/35
Juan Luis is an experienced modeler who executes his projects with lots of dedication, intent and mastery. His A-30 is no exception and is a seldom seen kit which has been dealt with resourcefulness in spite of being a difficult kit.
- Bison I, scale 1/35
I believe that we’ve all seen sometimes the famous period picture which has inspired Konrad Dzik to create this cumbersome self-propelled gun. It has been our Polish friend’s way of proving his worth, solving with his wits a complex P.E. assembly. We’re sure that he will offer us again in the future many more splendid works.
- T-34-76, Factory 183, scale 1/35
We are facing another case in which a photograph inspires the realization of a vehicle with a ground, in this case Roman Volchenkov recreates a T-34-76 in poor condition and without tracks that is being towed by a Tiger (not present in the scene).
- Marder III, scale 1/35
Another newcomer from Poland, Miroslaw has executed a beautiful albeit highly deteriorated winter camouflage. We will like to point out his extraordinary texture work on the lower areas of his vehicle and its settings.
- Crush this Bastard!!, scale 1/35
Wonderful diorama made by one of the best writers in the country. We offer you a most entertaining and complete article, where you will learn a lot of tricks and techniques. His work was awarded with a well-deserved silver medal in the last AMT festival.
- Modeling Lessons: Techniques for winter camouflage
We review here six easy techniques for doing your own winter camouflage, explained in a simple and intuitive fashion with a photographic step by step sequence. We don’t want to hear any more excuses; your next kit should be made with… a winter camouflage.
- Sdkfz 251/9, scale 1/35
Michel shows us with his vehicle the possibilities of washable paint and rescues the often frowned upon drybrush technique. This is an article with a surprise present. Watch for the Bidi code.
- Modeling Lessons: Tree stump in snow 2nd part
Who better than a nature lover and an experienced modeler like Rodrigo for giving us the best advice and teachings for making snow on our dios? We feature here a detailed study of the best products for recreating snow and how to use these.

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